About Us

No Coast is a collaborative, print-focused venture which takes different forms as a studio, bookstore, venue, gallery, and master printer for artists. We are based in Chicago, Illinois, United States and were founded 2008.

No Coast’s current project is No Coast Editions, an affordable, subscription-style collection of artworks released seasonally. No Coast is invested in alternative methods and markets for publishing, printmaking, and the creation of artists’ multiples. Our process investigates the ownership and authorship of art through experiments in collaboration, modes of distribution, and display. 




Currently: Aay Preston-Myint and Alex Valentine

Sometimes and formerly: 

Young Joon Kwak
Rebecca Ann Rakstad
Lindsay Powell
Andrea Fritsch
Dan Dunbar
Wesley Stokes
Anne Novotny
Eric Haynes
Keelin Mayer
Melanie Treuhaft
Anthony Decanini
Danny Zaretsky


No Coast began as gallery, consignment store, performance venue, and collective studio in operation in the Pilsen neighborhood until 2010. After the closing of the studio space at 1500 W. 17th St., No Coast operated briefly as a sub-group of Roxaboxen, a neighboring arts collective in Pilsen. View the archive >here.