17th Street Archive

  • VISIONS FROM THE BURNED FOREST: New works on paper by Megha Gupta


    New works on paper by Megha Gupta
    On view June 18th - July 9th, 2010
    Opening Reception Friday June 18th, 5-8pm

    at No Coast Exhibitions and Editions
    1500 West 17th Street

    Chicago, IL 60608

    The lake that we are walking to is in the shape of a heart. The heart rises up and floats in the air, it makes a void inside the mountain. The moon is like a fire that shrinks and rises into the sky.

    After the fire, the structure of the forest remains, like a ruin. In the regrowth of wildflowers among the burned out trees are colors bright and alien. Purples, pinks, and yellows. Oceans that once were, rivers that have eroded the earth, and civilizations that altered lands and died: these landscapes are alien, what is left does not know itself. But structures remain, as in the mind…

    Processes of obliteration and regeneration recur throughout the life of the forest. Such forces are at work in the collages of Megha Gupta. Fragments reconstituted. Mechanical and chemical operative chance, free association, creation/destruction… Gupta presents the viewer with a poetic vision unforming and reforming, like memories…

    Using xerox-transfer and collage, Gupta alters and recombines imagery from her own paintings and drawings to create new works. Alongside the exhibition, Gupta is also releasing a limited edition of paper lithography prints.