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Monsters and Dust No. 4 - PINK/PUNK


Monsters and Dust No. 4 - PINK/PUNK
Monsters and Dust is a journal of the innovative, fantastic, fabulous, subversive, radical, thoughtful, hilarious, witty, shrewd, cynical, optimistic, dark, surreal, and sublime.

Each issue of Monsters and Dust features new images, words, and sounds from emerging and contemporary artists and thinkers. Contributors respond to a given theme and are often introduced to unlikely collaborators via the editors.

Issue No. 4, "PINK/PUNK"
full color, 216pp, 10 x 8"

Distinguished only by a single phoneme, PINK/PUNK represent both the hopeful imaginary and the viscerally real. PUNK and PINK are about the ways in which we build up our beauty and our rage, perhaps only to destroy them. They are both about ambiguity, paradox, and otherness—and the simultaneity of fragility and strength.

The new double issue features responses to the theme(s) in photography, poetry, non-fiction, visual art, interviews and fiction by: Jay Besemer, Mary Walling Blackburn, C:\VEhF\, Laura A. Deutsch, Alejandro Jimenez Flores, Erin Foley, Rami George, Aimee Goguen, Matthew Goulish, Albert Herter, IT A BOY (Wilder Alison and Monroe Street), Oona Iverson, NIC Kay, Matt Kessler, Keith Kostecki, Erin Leland, Josh Minkus, Ignacio Mardones, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Matt Morris, Edgar Oliver, Carmen Price, Kelley Schei, Corkey Sinks, Edra Soto, Bert Stabler, Jamie Steele, Pilar Tena, Vincent Tiley, Neal Vandenbergh, Anna Vitale, and Marie Walz.