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Corkey Sinks, 'Demon Baby Project'


Corkey Sinks, 'Demon Baby Project'
offset cover with digitally printed pages, approx. 4"x6"x.5"

Corkey Sinks's Demon Baby Project is inspired in form and content by the dimestore paperback. However, it is less a sensational narrative than a compulsive, culturally paranoid timeline, documenting in worrisome detail the simultaneous rise of women's reproductive rights and feminism, side by side with a growing interest in and fear of the American occult underground. Painstaking documentation of the lives of Margaret Sanger and Jane Addams is intertwined with rumors about the Manson family and popular reactions to Rosemary's Baby. The book draws no direct conclusions of its own, but through its stark presentation and deliberate choice of events and information, allows the reader to construct their own conspiracy theory.